The Services of Industrial Painting & Line Marking

Serving the GTA and Mississauga for over 20 years, Industrial Painting & Line Marking is dedicated to providing well-organized and efficient services. We’re committed to providing customers with exceptional services that truly set us apart from the competition.

Line Marking & Custom Stencilling Services

Our primary services include:

  • Warehouse / Indoor Marking
  • Outdoor Line Marking
  • Courts & Games
  • Custom Stencilling

Meet “Bumper”

In painting high-contrast lines and signs in your underground parking garage, we use a custom-made trailer to accommodate low clearances. This 5’11” tall, 7-foot wide, and 14-foot long trailer is affectionately referred to as “Bumper”, due to the amount of times we’ve bumped our heads when entering the trailer. This trailer allows us to bring all of our equipment on-site, where many companies would have to leave their truck outside and haul their equipment piece by piece. Thanks to “Bumper”, we are able to save a considerable amount of time in completing your underground garage painting project.

About our Stencil Layouts

Using computer-generated layouts, we offer letter and number stencils in a variety of sizes, including: 3”, 6”, 12”, 18”, 24”, and 36”. If you need stencilling in a specific size, we can easily create a custom stencil.

Warehouse / Indoor Marking

Industrial Markings

Outdoor Line Marking

Parking lot markings

Courts & Games

Tennis court markings

Custom Stencilling

Custom markings

Garages / Parkades

Parking Garage markings
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